HP GEN10服务器BIOS更新ZA10A380下载

类型: BIOS – 系统 ROM
版本: ZA10A380(13 三月 2020)
操作系统: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
文件名: System_BIOS_v_ZA10A380_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows.exe (3.6 MB)

HP GEN10服务器BIOS更新ZA10A380下载



When updating the System BIOS from version ZA10A320 (or earlier) to version ZA10A330 (or later), the following system BIOS configuration settings will revert to their factory default values:

System time and date
Hard drive configuration
Boot device sequence
System passwords
Security setup
Before performing the BIOS update, manually record the user customized values for these listed BIOS settings so they can be restored after completing the BIOS update.

To ensure the integrity of your download, HPE recommends verifying your results with this SHA-256 Checksum value:

d89bc262a96488886670988bc92ae6bdf85e703b92253a258b12de5b0025a0c3 System_BIOS_v_ZA10A380_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows.exe
Reboot Requirement:


End User License Agreements:

Upgrade Requirement:
Recommended – HPE recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.


To verify the integrity of the downloaded file:

Use Microsoft Windows CRC/SHA tool to calculate the SHA256 hash value for System_BIOS_v_ZA10A380_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows.exe.
Compare the calculated value with the SHA256 value displayed in the Installation Instruction tab of the HPE Support Center download page.(example:d89bc262a96488886670988bc92ae6bdf85e703b92253a258b12de5b0025a0c3 System_BIOS_v_ZA10A380_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows.exe)
If the values match, then the integrity of the downloaded file has been verified.
If the values do not match, then download the file a second time and compare the newly calculated hash values again.
If the hash values do not match:
Do not deploy the firmware
Contact HPE Technical Support
To verify the authenticity of the downloaded file:

Download System_BIOS_v_ZA10A380_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows.exe. to a system running a supported version of Microsoft Windows Server OS
Right-click the filename then select Properties
When the Properties window displays, click the Digital Signature tab
Select the first entry in the Signature List and click the Details button.
The signature status will display at the top of the Details dialog.
If the signature message states that “This digital signature is OK.”, then the firmware package is authenticated as an HPE package
If the message “This digital signature is not OK.” displays, then do the following:
Do not deploy the firmware.
Download firmware a second time and verify the signature again. If the signature is not OK, then contact HPE Technical Support
To decompress file and execute the script to upgrade firmware:

Execute: System_BIOS_v_ZA10A380_for_MicroServer_Gen10_Windows.exe
Double click the file “readme.txt” and follow the installation procedures for different operating systems.


Upgrade Requirement:
Recommended – HPE recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.

The following issue is resolved in BIOS firmware version ZA10A380:

E208i-p raid card can’t be recognized in system after changed controller setting from Max Performance mode(default) to Balanced Power mode under HPE SSA Utility


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